Why are sheep dogs smarter than executives?

Why are sheep dogs smarter than executives?

Monday, May 16, 2016


Steve Camkin


  1. Survive, Adapt, Thrive (Podcast)
    13 Aug, 2016
    Survive, Adapt, Thrive (Podcast)
    A guest podcast on the Complete Leaders Podcast discussing the organizational benefits of an adaptable culture. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/survive-adapt-thrive-business/id1089354333?i=1000371451215&mt=2
  2. Speak their language-adjusting your communication style
    14 Jul, 2016
    Speak their language-adjusting your communication style
    Communication was one of the first critical lessons I learned while dogsledding in a minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit classroom. Not communication with the other people, but with the dogs. Apart from the instructors, all of us on the 10-day winter expedition in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota were new to dogsledding. If we couldn’t get our dogs to align and collaborate, we would be the ones pulling sleds full of gear through deep snow, which would be very hard work for us. Well-trained sled
  3. Do you know where you are headed?
    09 Jul, 2016
    Do you know where you are headed?
    Oops! Delta flight lands at air base by mistake @CNN 9 July A Delta flight mistakenly landed at an air force base in South Dakota -- instead of the intended airport about 10 miles way. Not the first time this has happened!  What is your heading?  We are "off-course" most of the time but how will you stay on track? How will you know when you get there?
  4. Who's the real leader?
    06 Jul, 2016
    Who's the real leader?
    While an insignia, title, or budget can tell you who holds authority, it can sometimes be hard to tell who the real leader is. What does it mean for you to be a leader? Do you need a title, recognition, or compensation to be a leader? ​The answers to these questions will provide clues on what drives you as a leader. In 2012, I reached the summit of Mount Everest. Though the glory on big mountaineering expeditions goes to the Westerners, it is in many ways the Sherpas who are the real
  5. Measuring the right stuff-metrics and ethics
    29 Jun, 2016
    Measuring the right stuff-metrics and ethics
    The jungles of tropical North Queensland are, not surprisingly, extremely wet. Among the locals, the weather and their ability to cope with it is something of a point of pride. Several coastal towns vied for the honor of being the wettest town in Australia, averaging almost 12 feet per year. One year, the competitive spirit reached the local papers when it was discovered that the manager of the post office in one of the towns had been boosting the town’s reputation as the wettest place in
  6. How to Balance Task, Team and Individual Needs
    25 Jun, 2016
    How to Balance Task, Team and Individual Needs
    John Adair’s life and leadership experiences include service as an Arctic trawler deckhand, platoon commander in the Scots Guards, adjutant in a Bedouin regiment of the Arab Legion, and an Honorary Professor of Leadership at the China Executive Leadership Academy, and Chair of Leadership Studies at the United Nations System Staff College.[1] These experiences have shaped John’s view of the role of leadership. A significant challenge for managers is balancing and aligning potentially
  7. It's the Dinosaur Man-Managing audience engagement
    23 Jun, 2016
    It's the Dinosaur Man-Managing audience engagement
    I once had a temporary job as a traveling dinosaur lecturer. I traveled around outback Queensland and down the tropical rainforest coast towing a trailer filled with an inflatable life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and a collection of dinosaur fossils in large glass cases – Stegosaurus plates, Tyrannosaurus skulls, Velociraptor claws, and fossilized dinosaur dung. For the most part, I stopped at small elementary schools that were many miles from anywhere. My lectures were the most novel thing that
  8. Lessons on listening and momentum
    22 Jun, 2016
    Leadership lessons from a first-time trapeze artist
    https://vimeo.com/171809271​  Video-Leadership lessons from a first-time trapeze artist. This weekend I got a taste of what it is like to be a trapeze artist. It was a fun acrobatic, and adrenaline-filled experience and …surprisingly full of leadership and teamwork lessons. Here’s a few… Listening through distractions The biggest barrier to my improving my performance in the air was my failure to listen effectively.  I wanted to perform well, I wanted to listen, but I still didn’t. When you
  9. Riding the Bull-Should you control or adapt?
    21 Jun, 2016
    Riding the Bull-Should you control or adapt?
    Learning to ride bulls was a humbling experience. I was naively self-confident, and since I was in pretty good shape, I did not think it would be very difficult to stay on a bull for 8 seconds. After the training phase, I had the opportunity to ride eight bulls over 2 days. I came to the arena with a take-charge attitude, which was patently absurd given the 800 to 1,000 pounds muscled animals I was attempting to control. My inability to control the animals should have become apparent as soon