How we work

"Make some money, have some fun, do some good"

Who we are

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Volunteer/Pro-Bono work

  • Flexibility in delivery options, expertise areas, and learning approaches.
  • Industry knowledge-our associates have served in and with Fortune 100 companies across the globe.
  • Scalability. Using our associate model we can easily scale up and down to meet your needs, large or small.
  • Responsiveness. Our experienced design team is used to assessing your needs and developing solutions within short time frames.
  • Focused, engaging learning
I daho Mountain Search and Rescue


Development projects in
Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand

ACP Advisor Net (Veterans)

National Outdoor Leadership School

Adventure IQ 

Living Values

Small Acts of Kindness

We are a global alliance of highly experienced and dedicated learning and development professionals united by the vision to
 "Make some money, have some fun, do some good".

We have backgrounds in global corporations, the military, non-profits and small business and have "checked each other out" on projects we have worked together on over the years.

We choose to work with people and organizations with the same approach to life and business- or who want to move in that direction. 
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