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Cross-Cultural/ Service Leadership Programs

Wilderness-Based Coaching 

Community Engagement Events

Imagine "parachuting" your leadership team into a totally new culture. On arrival their task is to learn the culture, find out how successful change occurs, identify key stakeholders, uncover local needs, and build local leadership capacity so that when you leave the change is sustained.

This is leadership "back to the basics" -yet it isn't. Your team will need to uncover their own biases, explore what leadership really is and build skills like organizational analysis, influence, stakeholder management, change and building relationships while operating in a new environment. 

Work with local stakeholders, cultural anthropologists and our OD consultants to create a plan to develop critical leadership competencies and apply them on return to your organization.

We are developing a year-long coaching process that will wrap around a 10-day high-adventure multi-sports expedition. We'll use skydiving, rapelling, sailing, SCUBA and other sports as the platform for learning how to acheive your focused coaching goals, whatever they may be.

We'll have a preparation phase to get you ready mentally and physically, and to sharpen your goals. Then we will travel to a wonderful location for a 10 day intensive experience. Currently we are scouting New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Switzerland, Norway, Oman, Morrocco and South Africa.

When you get back to "real life" we'll work with you on customizing your follow-through plan.
Eaten more more than your fair share of rubber chicken at fundraising dinners? We know that many of our clients have causes they would like to support outside work so here's omething you can help us with.

We are developing an alternative to traditional fundraisers. We belive that many non profits want to engage community members not just ask for cash. And we think many community members want to get involved in different ways than just bringing out the check book.

Click below to learn more about our plans for our facilitated, highly interactive, high energy, events for engaging community members around the issues central to your cause.
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