The Seventh Summit
After Steve climbed Everest in 2012 he was often asked: What's next? Most projects fail in the implementation stage, not in initiation. How do you ensure follow-through, attention to detail or quality, and maintain focus after a big milestone has been reached? 
What does it take to maintain commitment on a 10 year journey? Steve shares the lessons in sustainability he learned in persuit of "The Real Seven Summits"-the highest peaks on each continent, something only about 300 people have accomplished.
How do you manage your energy under adverse conditions-or keep the momentum going when things seem easy?
Learn from Sports Psychologists, Expedition Leaders and business leadershow to build and maintain energy for your organization, your team and yourself.
High Altitude Leadership
Risk Management
Based on his recently published book, Steve explores key leadership lessons learned from leading and participating in dozens of adventure expeditions around the globe.
Topics addressed can be customized to your organization but may include preparing for leadership, strategy, alignment, engaging employees, communication in tough conditions, execution, selecting and onboarding team members, and managing energy.

Face the Danger

What can your organization learn about safety and risk management from big wave surfers, high altitude climbers, Class 5 kayakers and other adventurers?
Steve explores the common human and leadership factors involved in keeping your team and yourself safe whether you are climbing high peaks, instilling, or reinforcing a safety culture.
Learn lessons for  breaking a negative chain of events, avoiding overcommitment, addressing the trap of sunk cost, and improving judgment.

How do you build a personal practice and a culture of candor and openness? Skiers, mountain bikers, and whitwater kayakers know that the key to moving quickly and effectively in both business and the outdoors is building the "speed of trust." We'll share some of the best practices for managing conflict, leveraging conflict in a positive way and building and maintaining a culture that helps you avoid complacency, ethical dilemmas and other by-products of a failure to "face the danger".

What's your challenge?

Whether it is capitalizing on an emerging opportunity, shifting thinking, or addressing an emerging challenge give us a call-its likely that our extensive team of facilitators has dreamed it and done it. We can help engage, align and motivate your team or your key stakeholders to get moving and get it done.
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