Who we are 

We are an alliance of international consultants, coaches, speakers, facilitators and instructional designers whose paths have crossed over the years and found a common desire to “Make some money, have some fun, and do some good.”
We work with corporations believing that they have the capacity to be a force for positive change in the world. We’ve worked in, and support, not for profit and government organizations too. Our pro bono work has included work with Vietnam Veterans, a Community College, the Y.M.CA., and communities in Sri Lanka and Nepal. 
We believe life and learning should be fun and we try to integrate that into the work we do. We are experts in, and passionate about,  learning which is focused and highly engaging.
We believe people thrive best when their values and commitments are aligned and integrated. Our coaching and consulting is designed to support that. We work on practicing what we preach and we support  each other in striving in that direction
Given the complexity of today’s world and the explosion of knowledge we struggle we hold the notion of “experts” lightly yet we have been very effectively engaged over many years by Fortune 100 companies in many industries, in many countries around the globe. You are the experts in your lives and jobs. We are very good at enabling people to perform at their best and lead great lives.

We want to work with individuals and organizations that have similar values to ours so if you or your organization would like to “Make some money, have some fun, and do some good” please read on to learn how we might be able to support you. Or give us a call so we can get to know each other see if we might be a good fit.
Some of our team